Otjiwarongo bar robbed of more than N.dollars 30 000

OTJIWARONGO: Members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) at Otjiwarongo are searching for three armed robbers who stole more than N.dollars 30 000 from Carlitos Bar in Otjiwarongo on Saturday.

“We have information that might lead to the possible arrest of the three men,” NamPol’s Otjozondjupa Regional Chief Inspector, Stella Shipanga said in an interview with Nampa on Monday.

Shipanga said the police might make an arrest this week in connection with the armed robbery, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The men had first arrived at the bar on Friday at around 15h00 pretending to be customers.

They were seen buying drinks and when it was about to close at approximately 02h00 on Saturday morning, one of the men fired a shot into the bar’s door.

The two other men, also armed with a pistol each, ordered everyone inside the bar to lie down on the floor.

Shipanga said the three then started kicking and punching everyone inside the bar, including a male bar attendant.

She said a second shot was fired in the direction of a female bar attendant who was behind the counter and they demanded money from her.

After she handed over an undisclosed amount of money, they broke open four gambling machines and collected more money.

“It is estimated more than N.dollars 33 400 was collected from the gambling machines and from the bar attendant,” said the police officer.

The armed robbers then fired one last gunshot into the floor before fleeing with the cash.

Shipanga said no arrest has been made so far but police investigations are at an advanced stage.

The owner of Carlitos Bar, Leo Nghipandulwa told this news agency on Sunday that when the robbers stormed his bar, he was in the DRC informal settlement at another bar.

“I was called to the scene and found several customers and the bar attendants beaten up. Luckily nobody was shot and they only sustained minor injuries,” he said.

Nghipandulwa said there was a security guard on duty at the bar but he was not armed.