Otjiwarongo Mayor re-elected in her position during annual election

OTJIWARONGO: Otjiwarongo mayor Hilda Jesaja was re-elected in her position during the annual election of office-bearers held at Otjiwarongo today.

Jesaja has been the mayor of Otjiwarongo since 2010.

The election was held at the Otjiwarongo Municipality Chambers.

No change was made to other political leadership positions as Archillaus Namaseb was also re-elected as deputy mayor.

Bennes Haimbondi returns to his position as chairperson of the Otjiwarongo Municipality’s management committee, and he will be deputised by Julius Neumbo.

Dirk van Niekerk was re-elected as member of the council’s management committee, whilst Anna Nakatana was seconded to the position of council’s management committee member.

Samuel Awaseb remained as ordinary council member.

In her acceptance speech, Jesaja promised to carry out her duties as mayor fairly and diligently.