Otjiwarongo SMEs receive equipment from regional council

OTJIWARONGO: The Otjozondjupa Regional Council (ORC) on Monday donated live chickens and a host of equipment to 13 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating in the Otjiwarongo constituency.

Otjiwarongo Constituency Councillor Otto Ipinge also gave the beneficiaries pots, sewing machines, over-lockers and material, three-legged cooking pots, electrical stoves, freezers and meat-cutting machines at his office

Everything was bought by the ORC this year after the beneficiaries submitted applications to the constituency office.

Ipinge said about 268 SME owners applied for aid from the ORC through his office in 2012.

Thirteen applicants were successful in 2013, and were approved by the regional council’s Directorate of Planning.

Their applications were approved based on the nature of the SMEs, and the commitment and dedication shown by the owners towards their business.

“A total of N.dollars 130 000 was spent by the council in purchasing the chickens and other business implements,” he stated.

Ipinge thus urged the SMEs in his constituency which did not make it this year to keep on applying for support to the Regional Council through his office.

Some of the recipients told Nampa after the event that they needed the implements to help them grow their businesses, and increase production.

Hatutale Catering is based in the DRC informal settlement here. Owner Anna-Foibe Shivute received a meat-cutter, an electrical stove and a freezer.

She thanked Ipinge and the Otjozondjupa Regional Council for the donation.

Shivute urged the Regional Council to continue helping other SMEs in the region in order to reduce poverty amongst its inhabitants.

The owner of the Mopani Sewing Centre in the Orwetoveni residential area, John Guibeb, received a new sewing machine and an over-locker.

“I only had one sewing machine with no over-locker, and my business has been doing well since 2007 nonetheless. Now that I have two machines and an over-locker, I can assure you that production is going to increase,” Guibeb said excitedly.

Otjozondjupa Chief Regional Officer Jeaneth Kuhanga was also present at the handing-over ceremony.

She warned all 13 recipients not to rent out or sell any of the donated implements.

“You will sign a memorandum of understanding with us so that if you don’t use the machines accordingly, we can remove them and give to the next person. I will also send officials to your projects to tell me how your business is doing,” Kuhanga stressed.

The donated implements remain the property of government, she noted, wishing the beneficiaries well in their business activities so that they can create employment for others.