Otjozondjupa Regional Council donates equipment to SMEs

GROOTFONTEIN; Over 20 small business owners at Grootfontein received equipment from the Otjozondjupa Regional Council (ORC) on Monday.

Otjozondjupa Regional Governor Samuel Nuuyoma handed-over items including sewing machines, over-lockers and salon equipment to the beneficiaries at the Omulunga Community Hall here.

These items were purchased by the ORC at a cost of over N.dollars 54 500.

Nuuyoma told the community members present that the 24 beneficiaries had applied for the equipment during the 2013/14 financial year.

“Everyone who applied last year qualified, and those who will not receive their materials today should expect to receive it in future,” he said, adding that the purpose of the donations is to reduce unemployment and poverty amongst the people.

The Governor then urged the beneficiaries to work hard and grow their businesses to help create employment for others.

Nuuyoma warned the beneficiaries not to misuse the money they will generate from their businesses.

He also praised Grootfontein Constituency councillor Nelao Amagulu for prioritising community-related projects on her development agenda.

Amagulu, meanwhile, congratulated the small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) owners who benefitted now.

They all operate from the new business park of the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) in Grootfontein.

The beneficiaries, the majority of whom were women, signed ‘soft contracts’ with the ORC, which will keep track of their projects’ progress.

Speaking on behalf of the business owners, Maria David thanked the councillor for her visionary leadership.

“I thank you councillor Amagulu, you have worked to bring us the equipment we needed most to achieve our dreams,” she beamed.

David also urged the ORC to come up with more community projects which will equip community members with resources to create employment for themselves.

Grootfontein mayor Emma Taukuheke was amongst those who attended the event.