’Ovaherero Traditional Authority Not Above Other Authorities’

THE Otjikaoko Traditional Authority in the Kunene region has called on their followers to ignore claims of supremacy by the Ovaherero Traditional Authority over other government-recognised traditional authorities in the country.

The Otjikaoko Traditional Authority made this call in a media release provided to Nampa by its chairperson, Petrus Muundjua, at Opuwo on Wednesday.

According to the media release signed by chief Paulus Tjavara of the Otjikaoko Traditional Authority, their traditional authority is an independently recognised institution that is not affiliated to any other body.

Muundjua said the press release is aimed at clearing the confusion that is being created by the Ovaherero Traditional Authority, where it is allegedly claiming that it is superior to other traditional authorities, mostly those of OvaHerero tribes.

“Our people are now confused and they are uncomfortable about these claims. It is also in one way or another undermining our traditional authorities, as they are imposing their authority on us without our consent as independent people,” noted Muundjua.

Approached for comment, the representative of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority on the Communal Land Board in the Kunene region, Karee Mupya told Nampa that his traditional authority represents all OvaHerero people in Namibia, as per the mandate for which it was established as far back as 1893.

He added that the Ovaherero Traditonal Authority is not imposing itself on people, but it was given this mandate by the very same traditional authorities or royal houses that are denying its supremacy today.

“Mureti Uakaupangua who was the leader of Otjikaoko Traditional Authority during the 1890s, participated in the establishment of the OvaHerero Supreme Council and in the appointment of the first paramount chief of all the OvaHerero and OvaMbanderu communities. Tjamuaha Maharero was that first paramount chief who was succeeded by his son, Samuel Maharero, followed by Hosea Kutatko, who was succeed by Clemence Kapuuo. Kapuuo was followed up by Kuaima Riruako who served as paramount chief from 1978 until 2014. The latter was succeeded by the current paramount chief Vekuii Rukoro,” said Mupya.

According to Mupya, the supreme council was formed out of all the chiefs from all Ovaherero traditional authorities and royal houses that are still in existence today.

He said all traditional authorities then appointed a paramount chief who will be above them all in this case, chief Rukoro.

He added that the Otjikaoko Traditional Authority is aware of these facts or pieces of history.

“If the traditional authorities are not willing to regard the supremacy of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority, they should convene a meeting of all traditional authorities and royal houses of all the Ovaherero speaking communities and dissolve it,” noted Mupya. – Nampa

Source : The Namibian