Over 100 000 Register During Supplementary Process

OVER 100 000 voters have registered during supplementary registration, the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has revealed.

Director of elections Paul Isaak said during the exercise, which took place from 8 to 20 September 2014, ECN registered 117 412 eligible voters.

Isaak said a further 343 eligible voters were registered at designated points at diplomatic missions abroad, with the missions in South Africa and Angola recording the highest numbers.

He said although the registration took place at a very slow pace, the ECN is grateful that they managed to reach their target of registering more than 100 000 people.

“In addition to the minor technical hiccups experienced at some registration venues during the supplementary process, the ECN also experienced a challenge with transport. However, this was swiftly countered with support and reaction from the public by providing suitable vehicles to assist in the transportation of personnel and materials during the process,” Isaak said.

He said the ECN would like to thank every eligible Namibian voter who took the opportunity presented to register.

“This was an opportunity availed to each and every eligible Namibian to register as a voter, which will enable you to exercise your fundamental right to elect those who will represent you at all levels of government,” Isaak said.

During the normal registration, which took place from 15 January until 2 March, Isaak said they registered 1 162 366 voters and 3 441 of them had registered with Namibian missions abroad.

In 2009 the ECN had registered 1 181 835 voters, a number slightly higher than the 1 162 366 for the earlier registration in which 508 495 born frees made up 44% of the total number of voters registered for the general elections.

Source : The Namibian