P-Square Rock Namibia, Urge More Support for Local Artists

DESPITE fears that Nigerian music duo P-Square might not come to Namibia, the pair made it, giving a packed Hage Geingob stadium the show of a lifetime.

The duo, consisting of twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye, were phenomenal on stage, performing a selection of their biggest hits which have solidified their status as one of Africa’s biggest music exports.

By the time they got onto the stage, all talk of Ebola fears were a distant memory, as Namibia embraced the twins. This was after almost a week of rumours and fears that they wouldn’t make it, as their Visas were not approved due to a restriction on visitors from countries affected by the deadly virus. Concert promoterorganiser Sula Kyababa noted that this was one of the most stressful events to organise but through the grace of God, the twins made it to Namibia and the show went on.

Performing with a full live band, the Nigerians proved that star status has not affected their work ethic. Song after hit song, they gave concert goers their money’s worth. Their engagement with the crowd was also noteworthy, with the crowd serenading Namibia’s national anthem to them at one point.

Just as they did when they had a media briefing after their arrival on Friday, the two re-iterated the need for Namibians to support local artists. This, they said, was the only way Namibians could reach the stage where they can also headline concerts in Nigeria or elsewhere in Africa and the world. Calling on stage opening acts such as Oteya, Swart Baster and The Dogg, P-Square reminded Namibians that these artists need their support to make it big.

Lady May echoed their sentiments on local support, saying that Namibian artists will only make it internationally when their country backs them fully. “We should start appreciating our own talent and shouldn’t just wait for people to make it big for us to support them,” she said. “We should remember that when a Namibian makes it, it’s not only them, but Namibia as a whole that makes it,” she added.

When it came to their performances, Namibian acts did not disappoint either as they held their own, having the crowd on their feet with every track. The Dogg and Gazza were particularly popular, while Lady May captivated the crowd with her sensational dance moves.

Source : The Namibian