Papa Shikongeni Showcases ‘Spirit of Harambe’

WHEN it comes to music and art, the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre is one of the most significant scenes in the city.

Their lower gallery is a place of presentation and prestige and their beloved Acoustic Fridays are a moon kissed evening boasting live music shows by the city’s brightest stars.

Most people have the honour of showcasing their work at one or the other. They sweat and toil to present something worthy of visual arts pundits and music appreciators but create solely in one realm or the other.

Not Ndasuunje ‘Papa’ Shikongeni.

In a perhaps unprecedented and daring double bill, Shikongeni will be opening a mixed media art exhibition a mere hour and a half before he takes the stage for Acoustic Friday.

Kicking off the evening with the opening of ‘Spirit of Harambe’, Shikongeni will present a collection of cardboard prints and collages before treating guests to music from ‘Aantu Aantu’ and ‘Shili Mekunde’, his first and third album.

“Harambe means unity, peace and love,” says Shikongeni. “This music and art showcase aims to bring love among us in Namibia in the first month of a year in which we will see new life and new leadership.”

Admirably active for the beginning of the year, Shikongeni believes that his work ethic can stand as an example for the youth.

“I believe in the African continent and we don’t know holidays, that is Western culture and that’s why my exhibition is at the beginning the year. We have to work hard all the time, like our forefathers did, for the benefit of the new generation,” says Shikongeni.

Though there is no intentional dialogue between the music and art pieces, Shikongeni believes that they are one because he is one person. “I am one human being, one son that can create in two different forms and that should encourage everyone and the new generation to make use of all the talents and gifts God has given them,” says Shikongeni.

“You should express all and not feel restricted or bound to one. If you have many talents, please show them to the world. That is my legacy, that’s what I will leave behind one day, that, with hard work, you can be a multi-disciplined artist.”

In his two-tiered showcase, Shikongeni will also be celebrating the birthdays of Theo-Ben Gurirab and his own son and he urges the public to celebrate with him over some music and free potjiekos. “This is my time to give respect and love to the people who have supported me,” says Shikongeni. “I will be giving a goat and sheep offering in the form of potjiekos because people will pay a cover charge for Acoustic Friday and when you give, you should receive.”

All this can be received this Friday at the FNCC. Join Papa Shikongeni to celebrate visual art, music, two birthdays, new leadership and the new year.

The opening of ‘Spirit of Harambe’ followed by Acoustic Friday will take place on Friday, 23 January at the FNCC. The exhibition opens at 18h30 with words from Professor Peter Katjavivi.

The Acoustic Friday concert begins at 20h00. Tickets are N$40 in aance and N$60 at the door and albums will be on sale.

Source : The Namibian