Parents Urged to Stop Selling Drugs to Children

City of Windhoek councillor, Fransina Kahungu has implored residents of Okuryangava in the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency to stop selling drugs to children in the community because drugs destroy lives.

Kahungu said parents should allow children to focus on their studies in order for them to have a bright future instead of destroying them with drugs.

“How many parents sell drugs in Windhoek? You who sell drugs, who do you think will use them?” queried Kahungu, who officiated at a community meeting at Onkugo Yepongo Community Hall in Okuryangava on Saturday.

The councillor went on to warn that there are no blessings in selling drugs after all those who sell drugs do not earn much from selling them.

“… In selling drugs there are only curses because drugs are destroying God’s people,” fumed Kahungu.

She made the remarks after concerns were raised by members of the public who attended the meeting that “young boys” between the ages of 13 and 20 years operating from Okuryangava’s Ongaka Street are terrorising the community with their ruthless ways of snatching women’s handbags and people’s possessions in general. The community complained that the boys involved are “untouchable” and nobody has been successful in countering their heinous acts. “There are young boys snatching especially women’s handbags,” remarked Tuyoleni Andreas.

“The City Police should help us to discipline those boys because they are really out of control,” remarked one woman who also attended the meeting.

Former councillor of the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency, Erasmus “Kaptein” Endjala, who also attended the meeting, noted that drugs are not a stranger in that community. “Children sell drugs among themselves,” Endjala stated, adding that discipline should begin at home.

Endjala stressed that parents no longer discipline their children and hence it becomes difficult to discipline them even at community level.

“Maybe we should look at the parents. In my house, a child has to be at home by 20h00. We should have rules and regulations in our homes,” he said.

Another woman agreed that drugs are being used because there is no discipline in homes. She added that community leaders also do not have the support from the City Police to effectively fight crime in the area. In response, Kahungu said residents hide criminals in their homes and they do not give information that is needed to fight crime to the police.

“… Thieves and criminals come from our homes. If a City Police vehicle comes to your area concerning criminal activities nobody reports anything. How will crime reduce?” queried Kahungu.

Some residents went on to say that there are too many rights these days, as a result there is not much one can do to really discipline children.

“The rights of people are also contributing to some of these problems because if you beat a child the child will report you to the police,” remarked another man.

Simon Egumbo, a City Police Officer, at the same meeting also asked people to assist other people who are being robbed. “You will find a person being robbed and beaten yet just watch without assisting. People should help one another,” said Egumbo.

Source : New Era