Parliament Liaison Officer confident that amendments made to Namibian Constitution will ensure that issue of lack of quorum will not resurface during sittings of Sixth Parliament

WINDHOEK: Parliament Liaison Officer, David Nahongandja said he is confident that the amendments made to the Namibian Constitution last year will ensure that the issue of a lack of a quorum will not resurface during the sittings of the Sixth Parliament.

Nahongandja said previous parliaments often struggled to reach a quorum especially during the months of September, October and November, because most international parliamentary organisations hold their meetings during those months.

He said the quorum issue has now been dealt with through the changes that were made in the laws last year.

Nahongandja explained that given the increase in the number of National Assembly legislators from 78 to 104, changes had to be made to the Namibian Constitution to introduce a two-tiered quorum process.

With the change in the law, a minimum 53 MPs will be required for any voting to take place in the National Assembly.

However, for any normal discussion when no voting is to take place, 28 members of the National Assembly shall be regarded as sufficient for the purposes of a quorum.