Party Lists Swapo, UDF Members Without Consent

THREE Usakos residents who claim to be Swapo and UDF members, said they were put on the Christian Democratic Voice (C) candidates’ list without their consent.

Jaqualine Naobes, Pamela Gaoses and Felesia Dausas told The Namibian that they learnt with shock on 12 November that their names were on the C list published in the Informante weekly newspaper.

Naobes was number 12, Gaoses number 29 and Dausas number 31.

The three say they were approached by someone who claimed to be part of the Usakos Concerned Residents group and who was apparently marketing the group and looking for new members.

The three were handed a list on which the new members were to fill in their details, including residential addresses and voters’ registration card numbers.

“They told us they were from a concerned group that deals with issues of development and unemployment in the town. That’s why I filled my name in,” Gaoses said. “More people gave their names too. Later, I found that I was on the C party list. No one asked me nor was I told this would happen. I just saw my name in the newspaper.”

Naobes and Dausas agreed that they thought the signing up was for membership with the concerned group.

“I am not happy. I was not told,” said Dausas.

C secretary general Michael Nawabeb said a Hans Stramis, number 11 on the list, was allegedly involved. It is understood that he is the leader of the Usakos Concerned Group – and director of elections for the C.

Stramis said there were people who wanted to sabotage the party. He denied including names on the list without people’s consent.

Nawabeb apologised for the matter and said there seemed to have been a misunderstanding between Stramis and those claiming they were not informed of his intentions. He said that the matter had already been reported to the party and that it would be dealt with.

“We cannot change the list now, but we will definitely put out a new list after the elections on the 28th when the names of those people will be removed,” he said.

Source : The Namibian