Passengers Unhappy With Train Delay

ABOUT 100 passengers, who travelled on a TransNamib train from Walvis Bay, expressed anger after it arrived in Windhoek almost 12 hours late on Wednesday evening.

According to TransNamib, the train left the coastal town at 19h00 on Tuesday, and only arrived in Windhoek at 19h15 on Wednesday evening. It was expected in Windhoek at 7h00 in the morning.

TransNamib chief corporate communications officer Ailly Hangula-Paulino and senior manager for operations Hippy Tjivikua were at the station to meet the unhappy passengers, who were forced to spend 12 hours without food or water, to offer the company’s apologies over the delay.

Before the train arrived at the Windhoek station, Hangula-Paulino told Nampa it had been delayed by unforeseen technical problems, including thousands of armoured ground crickets that got crushed by the locomotive’s wheels and made the tracks slippery. This forced the train to move very slowly or in some instances, not at all. “This caused the wheels to skid, and overheat the wheels of the locomotive,” she explained.

Hangula-Paulino said some of the wagons carrying freight were unhooked from the train to allow the passenger coaches to proceed with the journey.

When the train finally arrived at the Windhoek train station, a large amount of irate passengers complained bitterly about the delay. Some even complained that the train carriages were dirty.

A few passengers said although they understand that mechanical failures can happen, they were infuriated that TransNamib had not kept them informed about the situation.

Tjivikua, who endured verbal attacks from angry passengers, said they would all be reimbursed their fares on the spot.

“As you can see, the passengers are now being reimbursed, while some will also get free train tickets for their return trips,” he said.


Source : The Namibian