Pastors to Expose Rogue Peers

ANOTHER group of 10 pastors, who recently gathered at Convent Pentecostal Church in Wanaheda, have called on the government to engage them too in order to uncover fraudulent pastors.

The group headed by Christian Democratic Voice’s leader Gotthard Kandume was reacting to a report carried by The Namibian recently, that a group of 10 pastors had joined forces with the police to flush out rogue pastors who deceive society and cause fights within families.

Kandume said they are concerned as Christians because there are pastors who are using Namibians as cash cows, and they must be dealt with accordingly.

“Government should screen the pastors before they are allowed to preach here and they should also be required to produce visas just like is the case in other countries,” said Kandume.

He said some pastors come from countries that are worse off than Namibia to pray here yet Namibia is better off.

“Why don’t they pray there first? Some are even witch doctors by day and pastors by night. Let us deal with the foreign pastors. They are a huge problem,” said Kandume.

Another pastor, known as Pastor Basson of Eliyah International Pentecostal Church, said foreign pastors must go.

“Foreign pastors are welcome to our country but they have taken aantage of our people and they lie to them. We know who they are, we can reveal their names if the police work with us,” he said.

Voice of God Ministries’ pastor Simon Kooper and Apostle Michael Witbeen of the Convent Church said the government should work with the church and take them seriously.

Joseph Pienaar, a pastor at Full of His Spirit Ministries pointed out that it was important for the government to realise that not all pastors had gone to Bible school as some were just called by God.

He said this will be one of the difficult barriers when identifying false pastors but through prayer, the spirit of God would be able to reveal these rogue pastors.

“Some pastors prophecy in the public when the prophesy is meant just for the concerned person, while others give water with sticks and claim this will heal people of sicknesses. This is not true. God cannot do these things it brings confusion to the people,” said Pienaar.

Source : The Namibian