’Patience and Discipline – My Secret Ingredient to Winning Top Taxi’

Willem Kinda is this week’s Kosmos’ Top Taxi Winner “I feel honoured to be part of this exciting platform that encourages taxi drivers to execute their duties efficiently on the road,” says Kinda. As part of his prizes, Kinda received N$3 000 courtesy from Standard Bank Namibia, a first aid medical kit from E-Med Rescue and free waxing for his taxi by Auto Exec.

“I will try my best to keep and uphold my new title. Being a Top Taxi winner comes with big responsibilities and society is looking up to good guys, like us. We the taxi drivers need to be good role models. If you don’t have the right attitude, it won’t matter how much knowledge or skill you have and you must always have patience and discipline. Today I am bearing these fruits because I stay calm and I am tolerant towards my customers,” says Kinda.

Source : New Era