Paupers’ Burial for Unclaimed Bodies At Oshakati

SIX bodies that have been unclaimed from the Oshakati State Hospital and police mortuaries were given a pauper’s burial on Friday.

The bodies, some of which had been lying at the mortuaries since 2011, were buried in a mass grave in the Oshakati town council cemetery near Othingo village.

Warrant Officer Josef Alfeus Namwandi, who is in charge of the Oshakati police mortuary, said they had released two bodies – that of Paulus Tjaviarara (37) and that of Fronsiku Fronsiku, (whose date of birth is unknown) – for burial.

Namwandi said Tjaviarara died of TB on 9 April 2012 and his last known address was Uupindi informal settlement while Fronsiku died of a fractured neck on 8 June 2012.

The four bodies that had been kept at the hospital mortuary were of Wayendama Petrus (52), Ndemukutifa Cecilia (37), Ndahambelela Haileka (42), and Haufiku Petrus (36).a

Wayendama Petrus, who died on 6 March 2012, was from Oishanaputa village, while Ndemukutifa, who passed away on 17 October 2013, hailed from Omakange village both in Omusati.

Haileka, from Okandongwena village in Oshana, died on 5 November 2011 at the Oshakati State Hospital and Haufiku Petrus is believed to have been from Angola, but his date of death could not be ascertained.

Namwandi told The Namibian that there might be other bodies, which have not been claimed and arrangements are underway to bury them.

The Oshakati AVBOB manager, Johannes Kaluwapa, said they have an agreement with the Ministry of Health and Social Services as well as with the police to assist in the burial of unclaimed bodies.

AVBOB Northern regional manager Thomas Nghishihange told The Namibian that they also have an agreement with the Angolan government to transport bodies of their nationals, who die in northern Namibian hospitals or of unnatural causes.

“Some time back we transported bodies of Angolans to Ondjiva in Cunene province for burial,” Nghishihange said.

Source : The Namibian