Pay attention to the little things”: COSAFA official

WINDHOEK; Attention to detail is the key if Namibia’s local organising committee (LOC) want to stage a successful African Women’s Football Championship in October this year, an official from the Council of Southern Africa Football Association (COSAFA) has said.

Sue Destombes, the Chief Operations Officer at COSAFA, was in Namibia recently at the invitation of the LOC to assist with terms and responsibilities of each sub-committee in order to help stage an impressive championship in the country.

She was quoted in a media statement issued by the Namibia Football Association (NFA) on Wednesday as saying: “from start to finish, the LOC should pay attention to the little things and the big things will gradually fall into place”.

“If one does not pay attention to the little things and have timelines which he/she works towards, then there is a tendency to run out of time and one would end up chasing tails,” Destombes said.

She said planning and team work will bring success to the LOC in its endeavour of hosting a successful championship, which is expected to parade the crème de la crème of African women footballers.

Destombes pledged her availability for advice to the LOC either physically, telephonically, teleconferencing or any other form of communication in order for Namibia to stage a successful event which will bode well for Namibia and the Southern African region.

Her advice is similar to a statement made by the South African Football Association (SAFA) president Dr Danny Jordaan here some two and a half weeks ago, when he said organisation of sports events should no longer be ‘in reverse gear’, but should instead move forward.

“Transformation means we need to organise the way we look at sports or run it – we need to renew our organisational structures,” said Jordaan during the 2014 national Sports Conference.

He added that the rest of Africa and the world will turn their attention to Namibia in October to witness Africa’s finest women football players showcase their skills on the field when they compete for the biggest trophy in African women’s football.