Pending Disciplinary Cases Should Not Hinder Promotions – Namoloh

Internal disciplinary cases in the police should be finalised within three months and such cases should not hamper promotion in the force. Promotion should also not only take place after 10 years or more.

Issuing the directives was the Minister of Safety and Security, Major General (Rtd) Charles Namoloh who said drastic change is needed to address challenges faced within the police as such challenges were demoralising officers.

Currently on a familiarisation tour in Erongo Region, Namoloh said some high-ranking officers in the police force only pull out internal case files when an officer is up for promotion and thereby deny the officer the right to climb the ladder.

“In some instances such cases have nothing to do with promotion. I urge you not to bring it up again apart from cases dealt with in court or those with the prosecutor general,” said Namoloh.

The minister further said such cases must be resolved within a minimum time period as one cannot always keep pulling out cases whenever someone is on promotion “as if you are jealous and selfish”.

Namoloh also urged the police to refrain from shopping while in uniform and this reflects badly on the image of the police.

Shopping, smoking and and drinking while in uniform must be avoided as this reflects poorly on the entire police force, he added.

“Please go home and change into civilian clothes before you go shopping. You are only allowed to wear your uniform during work hours and when you visit the police canteen – other than that you should remove it. It is not made for shebeens,” he said.

Namoloh is currently visiting prisons, police stations and correctional facilities in the region to familiarise himself with the duties and operations of his ministry, while at the same time engage stakeholders to address challenges in the force.

Source : New Era