Pensioner denies killing two people in Hardap Region

WINDHOEK: An elderly farmworker who stands accused of stabbing two people to death with a knife in 2009 and 2011 in the Hardap Region, on Tuesday denied the killings.

Eliakim Nampindi, 64, entered pleas of not guilty to the two charges of murder at the start of his trial before High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka here.

The accused denied having killed 46-year-old fellow farmworker Paul Frederiks at Farm Onzerust in the district of Mariental in the Hardap Region, where he allegedly stabbed the deceased person with a knife during a heated argument over some alcoholic drinks during the evening of 05 March 2009.

He also denied killing his late girlfriend Anetta Jantjies, 38, at a farm near the settlement of Schlip in the Kalkrand area in the same region during the evening of 03 August 2011.

Nampindi allegedly committed the second offence while he was free on bail for the first incident.

He furthermore denied a third charge of having assaulted another farmworker – Salmon Rooinasie – by stabbing him with a knife on the back during the same evening when he allegedly stabbed the late Jantjies to death.

Nampindi did not disclose the basis of his defence and his pleas of not guilty to the charges, leaving it to the prosecution to prove everything.

Meanwhile, State-appointed defence lawyer Mbanga Siyomuinji told Siboleka that the pleas of not guilty to the three counts were being entered as per instructions the client gave to his defence lawyer.

A summary of the findings of a post-mortem examination on the body of deceased Frederiks presented on Tuesday as evidence before court by medical practitioner Dr Gwinyai Kadenge reveals that he sustained a deep, penetrating stab wound on the back, right side of his chest as well as a rapture on one of his lungs.

Frederiks also sustained a significant amount of severe internal bleeding as a result of the alleged stabbing on the chest and back.

The late Jantjies, according to the medical practitioner, sustained multiple stab wounds on the abdomen and chest.

She also sustained a total of six stab wounds, and the force of the stabbing caused the coming out of the intestines from the stomach, explained the medical practitioner.

She died the following day – 04 August 2011 – as a result of the stabbing.

Accused Nampindi and the late Jantjies were in a romantic relationship at the time of the alleged stabbing which resulted in the loss of life, the court heard.

State Advocate Ethel Ndlovu is appearing for the prosecution.

Siyomuinji is acting on the instructions of the Justice Ministry’s Directorate of Legal Aid.

The trial continues on Wednesday.