Permanent Secretary title needs review

WINDHOEK: The DTA of Namibia wants the title of Permanent Secretary to be changed to Chief Operating Officer (COO).

This is because the word “permanent” in such titles have elevated the status of those occupying the positions of permanent secretaries to an extent where they perceive themselves as untouchable and unaccountable.

This was said here on Thursday by the DTA president, McHenry Venaani, during the party’s press conference.

The DTA has shown its dissatisfaction with the matter and has called on the new government to look and pay more attention to the matter.

“Therefore the DTA calls on the incoming administration to replace the permanent secretary label with the title of Chief Operating Officer,” said Venaani.

The DTA believes that the appointment of the COOs should be done on a two-year basis and that the re-appointment should be made after a performance evaluation based on a performance agreement entered into between all COOs and the incoming Prime Minister.

“The party believes that this initiative will go a long way towards breaking down the culture of entitlement and a lack of accountability that pervades the public services and which has crippled,” he emphasised.

“It is the contention of the DTA that a nascent democracy such as ours must develop and promote political culture and discourse that is non-confrontational, which strives towards the development of ideas and measures that will build a better tomorrow for all Namibians,” said Venaani.