Permithias ger Despite Rejections By Big Namibian Artists

These were the sentiments of Permithias Owoseb who is gearing up to establish himself as a musician both locally and internationally.

Stunning a room full of journalists to absolute silence upon arrival in the country last week, it was clear to all that this 26-year-old man is destined for greatness. His smooth vocals are sure to silence even the harshest critic and his poetry is equally, if not more, captivating.

The newest Namibian reality star received a heroes welcome at the airport from his family and fans, who surprised the sushi chef.

Before getting any recognition in Namibia, Permithias won the hearts of his fellow Big Brother Africa housemates and viewers of the show with his musical talents. He is known to come up with songs at the drop of a hat, using the daily experiences in the house as inspiration.

During his four-week stint on the show, he came up with songs like ‘You know my name’ and ‘Laugh at my jokes’, which are testament to his musical abilities. Despite his undeniable talent, getting a real break was harder than getting a plot in Windhoek for Permithias.

Making it into Africa’s biggest reality show was the best thing that could have happened, in terms of the exposure he has received which could launch his career, if he plays his cards right.

He related how difficult it was to get his big break upon moving to Windhoek from the coast. He went on to name some Namibian artists who either took aantage of him by using his vocals without paying him or simply ignoring his attempts to partner with them on musical projects.

This experience has however strengthened him and made him realise that making it should not always come at the expense of helping others. “I cannot be greedy. I don’t think anyone is out of my league so wherever I can help others, I will do so.”

Spending time in the BBA house did not give him illusions though, as he says that many housemates promised to work with him in future but he will only agree to collaborations on his terms.

“This is my bandwagon and anyone else can jump on it. I’ll be doing my projects and staying on my hustle and if anyone wants me to do a song with them, they’ll have to pay me for it,” he said.

General manager of MultiChoice Namibia Roger Gertze reiterated that Big Brother Africa is the biggest platform for tapping the talent potential on the continent.

“Big Brother is the biggest showcase of what people on the continent have to offer,” he said while adding that the show has come a long way since it was first introduced nine seasons ago.

Source : The Namibian