Permithias Up for Eviction, Luis Back Home

Even with Permithias up for possible eviction this week, Namibians can now only count on Permithias to bring home the cash money and win the title as Namibia’s other contestant, Luis, along with two other contestants Ghana’s Kacey Moore and Rwanda’s Arthur were booted out during last Sunday’s live eviction show.

Four weeks off the Hotshots, ten housemates evicted with 16 remaining in contention for the USD300 000 prize (about N$3,510 00), the forth nomination session for the Hotshots kicked off with the quiet Trezagah, and the beauty queen, Ellah, leading the others. Announcing the names of the nominated housemates for possible eviction this week, in alphabetical order, Big Brother read: Ellah,Frankie, Nhlanhla, Permithias and Trezagah. As we and housemates very well know, the Head of House (HOH) may add any housemate from any extravaganza team to the nomination list. Once this has been made those are the final housemates for possible eviction and the HOH add will only be revealed on Sunday right before the eviction. Called for to the Diary room for his add decision, HOH, Idris, with a lot of hardship decided to go for Butterphly as his add decision. This means that the final list for eviction that is keeping Africa busy with voting is, Ellah,Frankie, Nhlanhla, Permithias,Trezagah and Butterphly. Butterphly, Trezagah and Nhlanhla have never tasted the eviction threat with Ellah, Permithias and Frankie being regulars.

New Era yet this week again telephonically spoke to the evicted housemates in Johannesburg. Namibia’s Luis said he accomplished all that he wanted during his four week stay in the Big Brother House, and gave his best even though he had stiff times at some point. “I did what I could. I believe I behaved in anyway a man behaves. But there was a time when I had enough. There were certain things in my life that was just dark. I could feel the negative energy and I wanted to leave because I told myself that I was not going to let USD300 000 (about 3,510 000) change my life. And I was not going to jump over the Big Brother fence, I was simply looking for the stars,” said Luis.

When asked about his controversial relationship back home with Radio and TV personality ,Nancy Muinjo, also known as Chi-Chi and fellow housemate Mira from Mozambique, Luis said he entered the house as a single man and he is now in love with Mira. “I love Chi-Chi with all my heart but out of my respect for her, I entered the house as a single man. I’m going to sit down with Mira and see where this is going to go. I’m really feeling her,” he said. Luis also admitted that he first had the hot’s for Nigerian exotic dancer, Lilian who rejected her and Mira came to light. “The first two days in the house, I was feeling Lilian but then she said it was too soon and said she didn’t feel me that way. But then on the other hand, Mira was there all along, she actually made the first move, she got my jokes more than anyone did and we just clicked,” Luis concludes, adding that from that point on, it was all about her and he does not plan on letting her go.

Nevertheless, Rwanda’s Arthur and Ghana’s Kacey Moore both said their stay in the house was experiential and now look forward to what the future brings. “It was very interesting. This month gave me time to expose myself and I feel I achieved my plan. I don’t feel I’ve lost votes from Africa but Africa can’t save everyone. I’m now moving forward and working on my projects,” said Arthur.

Kacey Moore said: “I was seeking for exposure and I obtained that the first week I performed in front of Africa. Even if I did not have a strategy, I had a plan. I’m now going to be doing a lot of releases and tours.” He added that in this game all you need is votes to win.

Continue voting for Permithias to keep him in the game because the more you vote, the better chance he stands of staying in the house and being named as the winner. There are four ways to vote such as Via SMS, Via WeChat, Via and Via the mobisite on your mobile phone. To vote via SMS: Text the keyword ‘Vote’, followed by the name of the housemate to the short code number for your country. For example SMS “Vote Permithias” to 15626.

Source : New Era