Pick N Pay Benefits School

Ondundu Primary School (OPS) recently received photocopy paper from Pick n Pay Namibia, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver amp List (OampL) Group of Companies as part of the retailer’s corporate responsibility road trip.

OPS is a school based in Tsumeb for children of mine workers as well as children of farmers in and around Tsumeb. “More often small things like lack of food or basic stationery make life difficult for teachers and learners and we as Pick n Pay Namibia, decided to tackle that challenge, thereby ensuring that children can concentrate on school and not on an empty stomach or lack of pens or paper,” said Henry Feris, the Managing Director of Pick n Pay Namibia. Feris added that Pick n Pay Namibia takes the OampL Group purpose ‘creating a future, enhancing life’ very serious and aised that one way in which Namibians can enhance their life is through proper education.

“This school strives to be one of the best educational institutions and would like to produce productive citizens who will contribute to the development of the country in all spheres of life. Is this not a fantastic aim, one that most definitely deserves attention and support?” Feris questioned.

The school accommodates 471 learners most of them vulnerable and orphans who live in the Kuvukiland resettlement on the outskirts of Tsumeb. The kitchen at school, which is maintained through donations, tries to ensure that the children have at least one meal per day.

Source : New Era