Pimped Cars ‘Swagger’ in the Capital

THE sun was out, the cars were parked and the ‘swagger’ was on during Saturday’s annual Ricky’s Custom Car Show, where an impressive line-up of pimped cars were exhibited as well as those who took part in the ‘sound off’, which was all about turning up the volume.

Customized cars and their proud owners took centre stage at the Doc Jubber Sports Field, which enjoyed a large gathering of motoring enthusiasts to the fourth consecutive event.

A record of 75 entries took part in the day long, with over 3 000 people being part of the day’s activity. A host of sponsors came to the party to assist in organizer Ricky Hill owner Ricky’s Custom Car Shop. Other sponsors were: Windhoek Draught, Adjo Mecca, Street House, Supa Tyres, Auto Sport Kit, Lilotec, Absolute Systems, Pupkewitz Toyota, Extreme Safety Ware, Kotze Body Repair and MA Upholstery.

Prizes were dished out to the winners who were awarded in the different categories. They are:


Old School:

1) Rojjo Van Wyk: Ford Cortina

2)Godwin Plaat: VW Beetle

3)Conrad Lee: MK1


1)Zirk Cooetzee

2)Wiehann Kohn


1)Fyzel Smith: Mazda 323

2) Devon Farmer: Nissan

3)Peter Opali: BMW e30

Custom Category:

1)Daiz Miljo: BMWM2

2)Micheal Duchain: E46

3)Vamos Zandr: MK5

Sound Off Street A

1)Waldo Bock

2)Dewald Theunisen

3)Werner Wasserfall

Sound Off Street B

1) Dilanos Straus

2)Leandro Ferreira

3)Eddie Van Wyk

Source : New Era