Plagiarism big at PoN: Niikondo

The Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) faces many challenges that need to be ironed out in 2015, says Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Research, Andrew Niikondo.

“If we want to achieve effective leadership we need to start as from today to look at these setbacks; we should not wait until the classes begin, but be proactive,” he said during the institution’s official Academic Welcome for 2015 here on Thursday.

Niikondo highlighted some of the issues as unethical communication amongst staff members towards students and vice versa, employment contracts not properly completed, and the lack of planning for following semesters by the different faculties.

He further said that students do not acknowledge their sources in assignments and examinations, stressing that plagiarism is a serious criminal offence.

“You cannot use someone else work as if it’s your own,” he pointed out.

These remarks were made while a large number of students were protesting outside the venue for the reduction of registration fees, which have been increased by 16.67 per cent this year.

Meanwhile, PoN Rector Tjama Tjivikua said during the same welcoming ceremony that the new fees will remain as is.