Pohamba meets CoD and DTA leaderships

WINDHOEK: President Hifikepunye Pohamba on Monday met the leaderships of the DTA of Namibia and Congress of Democrats (CoD) separately at State House.

The DTA delegation was led by its president McHenry Venaani, while the CoD mission was headed by Secretary-General Tsudao Gurirab because CoD president Ben Ulenga is in the Zambezi Region on a parliamentary assignment.

Pohamba congratulated Venaani and other DTA leaders as this was the first time meeting them since they were elected to those positions within their party.

In his welcoming remarks before both closed-door meetings, the Head of State thanked both leaders of the two parties for their contributions towards the maintenance of peace in this country, saying he sees them (DTA and CoD) as part and parcel of Namibians who maintained peace and stability from day one of Independence to date.

“Let us keep it that way. Experiences that we have of other countries in Africa are that brothers jump at each other’s throats, and as a result, the killing and suffering, particularly of women and children, are experienced on a daily basis,” he noted, adding that Namibians should not allow such situations to happen here.

Pohamba also informed them officially that his term of office as President of the Republic of Namibia will come to an end on 20 March 2015, following the presidential and national assembly elections slated for November this year.

In his brief remarks, Gurirab said his party values the tradition of Pohamba to meet with leaders in the country on an annual basis.

“We have valued particularly these consultations that we could come annually to share our views and concerns, and how we see issues from our perspective. We know that from your side you always said that we shouldn’t wait for these consultations, as your doors are always open for any consultation at any given time,” Gurirab said.

With the meeting possibly being the last while Pohamba is still Head of State, he said it was the pleasure of the CoD to have had Pohamba as the president of the country for almost 10 years.

He then wished Pohamba all the best in his future endeavours.

On his part, Venaani said the DTA also values the continuous culture by Pohamba to have consultations with political parties.

He said the country is faced with various socio-economic challenges which need to be addressed – issues that need confrontation if they want to open the economic base of the country to grow for them to reach Vision 2030, adding that they need to grow the local economy by over seven per cent.

Venaani said his party would share with Pohamba some of the ideas on how Namibians could really develop the socio-economic situation of the society to make sure they deepen the economic base of the country in order to be able to achieve Vision 2030 they set for themselves as a nation.