Pohamba Unveils New Statues and Memorial Museum

PRESIDENT Hifikepunye Pohamba inaugurated the Independence Memorial Museum, the Founding Father and the Genocide Memorial statues on Thursday in Windhoek.

Cabinet decided to establish the museum which will serve as a central repository for materials, a memorabilia related to Namibia’s anti-colonial resistance and the armed liberation struggle.

Although the youth and culture minister, Jerry Ekandjo, yesterday refered The Namibian to the National Heritage Council to confirm costs, The Namibian previously reported that Sam Nujoma’s statue alone costs N$284 000.

The Namibian also established that the statues were made in North Korea.

Speaking during the ceremony that was attended by Nujoma, ministers and some members of the public, Pohamba said the construction of the Independence Memorial Museum was part of fulfilling the sacred task to tell, record and preserve Namibia’s history.

He described the museum as the centre where Namibia’s long history of anti-colonial resistance and the national liberation struggle was being told.

“Successful nations are those that learn from and appreciate their history. Our people were oppressed for more than a century,” Pohamba said.

Nujoma’s statue replaced the Reiterdenkmal statue which was erected in memory of German soldiers and settlers who had lost their lives in the wars against the indigenous Namibian people.

“As we inaugurate this Genocide Memorial Statue, we are filled with mixed emotions. Emotions of sadness because we recall the horrors that our people were subjected to by the colonial troops, and emotions of pride because through this memorial, we are saying as a nation, that despite the hardships, we have prevailed and emerged victorious,” Pohamba said.

Swapo Member of Parliament Kazenambo Kazenambo said this was long over due.

He congratulated the Minister of Sports, Youth and Culture for smoothly completing the task that he and other ministers that have occupied the position before left unfinished.

The outspoken former youth minister also said he was proud because he was a descendent of the genocide victims.

“Let’s march forward in building this nation,” he said.

Nudo president Kuaima Riruako echoed Kazenambo’s sentiments.

Although he claimed this was his idea, Riruako applauded President Pohamba for finally making sure this was put to practice.

“I presented this in parliament, you can’t do things and forget the people that have given you the idea,” adding that he was however proud that it had finally become a reality.

Source : The Namibian