Pohamba Unveils Statues At Omugulugwombashe

PRESIDENT Hifikepunye Pohamba unveiled a statue in honour of Plan fighters at Omugulugwombashe in the Omusati Region on Wednesday.

He laid wreaths on the graves of Omugulugwombashe veterans Josef Uushona and Joseph Kuunamwene Hipangerwa who both died in August last year. He also laid wreaths on Simion Kambo Shixungileni’s grave as well as on the Omugulugwombashe Memorial Shrine that was inaugurated by former president Sam Nujoma on 26 August last year.

“The unveiling of these statues of Plan fighters in a planning session, is to remember those who started the armed struggle, who fought with determination to liberate Namibia and its people from the yoke of colonialism,” Pohamba said.

He reminded the youth that the liberation struggle was long and bitter.

“This was not easy as some of you want to believe. It was hard, long and bitter and we, the old freedom fighters, fought to the end and liberated the country and the people. Some of us lost our lives because of this right cause,” Pohamba said.

He said Namibians should remember that there are six Plan fighters interred at Omugulugwombashe – the late John Nankugu the group’s commander, his deputy Simion Kambo Shixungileni Patrick Iyambo, Victor Mensah, James Hamukwaya and Nelson Kavela.

The battle of Omugulugwombashe on August 26 1966, in which South African soldiers attacked the Plan fighters, marks the start of the liberation war under Swapo. The day is marked in Namibia as Heroes’ Day.

The President urged schools to teach Namibia’s true history and said writers should go to those who know the history, for a true version of the liberation struggle.

Pohamba said the government has decided to bring home for reburial the remains of the Swapo fighters who died abroad during the liberation struggle. He explained that government had already brought home the remains of Peter Nanyemba, Homateni Kalwenya, Natalia Mavulu, Isack Shilongo and Augustus Nghaamwa from Angola.

The remains of those who died in Zambia – Putushe Apollus, Linekela Kalenga and Peni Hashoongo – will be brought home soon, followed by the remains of the two cadres who died on Robben Island in South Africa.

Pohamba said some will be buried at the Heroes’ Acre, while others will be taken to Omugulugwombashe State Cemetery. He also said families who prefer to have their loved ones buried at their villages, will be allowed to do so but with state assistance.

According to Pohamba, the repatriations are being headed by Jerry Ekandjo.

Source : The Namibian