Police appeal to members of public to help in tracking down an injured suspect

The police in the Oshana Region have appealed to members of the public to help in tracking down an injured suspect.

The suspect is wanted in connection with an attempted housebreaking incident committed at Oshakati Sunday night.

Sergeant Frieda Shikole of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s public relations unit in the region issued the appeal yesterday.

She said a group of criminals attempted to break into a bar at Oshakati’s Uupindi informal settlement, where one of the suspects was stabbed.

One of the inhabitants of the building where the bar is situated stabbed the man while they were attempting to break into the bar.

The injured suspect fled the scene along with the rest of the group and his whereabouts remain unknown.

It is not known how many suspects were involved in the incident.