Police Attacked in Tsumeb

Police Chief Inspector Bernhard Nghuulivali is allegedly shocked at the lack of respect some members of the public have for the police in the region.

Nghuulivali said this in the wake of an incident that took place recently in which three members of the general public attacked a patrolling police vehicle in Tsumeb’s Soweto area in the morning at around 01h15. “Members of the police responded to a call from a bar owner who wanted their assistance in removing some unruly members of the public.

Three members of the police, two men and a woman, asked the men to leave on instruction from the bar owner, and the men complied. The disturbance seemed resolved at [first] but it was far from over. The men decided to stand in the road putting up an illegal three-men roadblock in apparent revenge on the officers.

They stood in the way refusing to let the police vehicle pass. After countless verbal requests to move out of the way the driver decided to sound the horn, this triggered the men to attack the police vehicle,” explained Nghuulivali. Two men opened the passenger door and attacked the uniformed officers, the driver then got out of the vehicle to aid his colleagues. The female officer called for backup, which arrived and all three men were arrested.

The three men were identified as 29-year-old Nelson Gauseb, Collen Nakwe aged 31 and Simon Shingombe aged 37 years.

They were each charged with assaulting officers in uniform, obstruction of justice, interfering with police work and resisting arrest.

“Police visibility in any corner of Tsumeb must not be perceived as a threat, people who choose to be hard headed and stand in the way of justice like the three men will not be tolerated. Members of the public must not feel threatened or intimidated by the police, because officers are mandated to serve, protect and stop damage to property. We are here for the good of the people and this includes the three men that were arrested,” said Nghuulivali.

Source : New Era