Police Deny Assaulting Murder and Rape Accused

Police officers who arrested and interviewed Outjo rape and murder accused Johannes Lukuwa Hausiku denied assaulting him.

Sergeant Emmanuel Kausiona and investigating officer, Warrant-Officer Benestus Hoveka are accused of assaulting Hausiku when they arrested him.

Hausiku claims that a confession he made before a magistrate at Outjo was not made freely and voluntarily. He claims that he was beaten and forced to make the confession and that a certain Sergeant Sikeso told him what to say in the confession.

Hausiku is charged with raping two women, attempting to rape another woman and killing a two-year old boy, a son of one of the rape victims.

Kausiona who arrested Hausiku told the court last week that when he approached Hausiku, he introduced himself in English. He said that Hausiku then stopped him in Afrikaans saying he did not understand English. Kausiona then enquired from Hausiku in Afrikaans in which other vernacular languages he was proficient, to which Hausiku replied “Rukwangali”.

Kausiona further told the court that Hausiku told him that he could speak a little Oshiwambo and some Herero. Kausiona then continued the conversation in Herero and Hausiku understood.

“I then informed the accused of his legal rights including the right to a state-funded lawyer if he could not afford one, My Lord,” Kausiona told the court.

The officer continued that Hausiku insisted that he wanted to tell him “his side of the story” without going into details of what was said.

Magistrate Khaipriums Swartz already testified that he did not observe anything wrong when he took down Hausiku’s confession.

The investigating officer Hoveka also told the court that he had no knowledge of any assaults carried out on Hausiku. According to Hoveka, Hausiku cooperated with the police from the start and wanted to confess upon his arrest already, but that he (Hoveka) wanted to give him more time to consider his action.

Hausiku’s state-funded legal representative, Mbanga Siyomundji, found that hard to believe.

He wanted to know from the officer why he did not immediately take Hausiku to a magistrate or commissioned officer if he wanted to confess, but the officer informed the court that Outjo did not have a magistrate at that time and all commissioned officers were stationed in Otjiwarongo.

He said that he did approach the magistrate when the latter was available and was told to give Hausiku another two days to reflect.

After the two days Hausiku was still eager and willing to make the confession, which he now denied, Hoveka told the court.

Hausiku faces one count of murder, two counts of kidnapping, two counts of attempted rape, one count of defeating or obstructing or attempting to defeat or obstruct the course of justice, one count of robbery and eight counts of rape.

He remains in custody.

Judge Nate Ndauendapo is on the bench and State Aocate Ethel Ndlovu represents the State.

Source : New Era