Police Find Dordabis Farmer’s Missing Head

THE head of the 60-year-old Dordabis farmer that went missing earlier this month was found on the farm last week Friday, police said.

Abraham Jacobus Beukes’ body was found five days after his disappearance at farm Kalkpan about 45 km from Rehoboth.

Police spokesperson deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said that Beukes’ head was found near a kraal on the farm he jointly owned.

Kanguatjivi said when the head was found, there was no flesh on it. “We suspect that the head was hidden by someone and animals got hold of it and ate off the flesh. Investigations are however continuing,” Kanguatjivi said.

Kanguatjivi further said when Beukes’ body was found, the head was still attached to it although it had been cut.

When the police officers who attended the scene went to seek help from Rehoboth, they left some family members guarding the body.

However, on their return, the officers were told the head had disappeared.

Two men were arrested and have appeared in court in connection with Beukes’ death.

Meanwhile, in the Omaheke region’s Eiseb Block 10, three children were burnt to death after their parents locked them in a hut.

The burnt remains of Tunaune Ngavee (6) Kavetuii Tjouanga (6) and Uhungira Tjouanga (11) were found at the door of the hut and no arrest have been made yet.

According to Omaheke police regional commander Commissioner Josephat Abel, the parents left the children alone from 17h00 the previous day.

“We are investigating to see if we can arrest the parents for negligence, because they locked the three children in the hut at 17h00 and their bodies were only found the following day and they were still not back,” Abel said.

Although the cause of the fire could not be established, it is suspected that the house burned down at around 21h00 and the bodies were only discovered the following morning by other children on their way to school.

Source : The Namibian