Police Find Missing Boy Among Goats

A 15-MONTH-OLD boy was found alive among goats after he had wandered off while his mother was fetching firewood in the veld.

Police alleged that the boy, Roberto !Owoseb of farm Gainachas, wandered off and walked for about 20km in the veld on Sunday afternoon, prompting a search, involving the police and members of the public.

Karas police regional commander Armas Shivute confirmed that !Owoseb was found on Monday afternoon.

“We followed the toddler’s footprints for about 20km from where he had disappeared until we found him among some goats,” police special reserve commander, inspector Jafet Tjiroze, who spearheaded the search, said.

Tjiroze said at one stage he wanted to request a police helicopter to help with the search after the searchers, some on horses, combed the area for about 15 kilometres without any trace of the toddler.

When found, according to Tjiroze, the toddler, who was only wearing a tracksuit and one shoe, was in good health.

“For his age he is a g boy. Having walked about 20 kilometres… apart from the red spots on one foot sole, the boy was OK when we found him”.

Tjiroze said the boy was immediately taken for a medical check-up although he looked healthy. Doctor Davies Nkalamo,who examined the boy, also described his condition as “OK”.

Nkalamo, however, said he “got the impression” that the boy had not walked 20 kilometres.

“If he had walked such a long distance, he would have suffered dehydration and hunger. I gly feel that the toddler was taken by someone and moved from one place to another,” said Nkalamo.

The toddler’s mother, Alwina !Owoses, said it was “God’s wonderful work”. “I thanked God for his blessing over my son,and the police for finding him. He slipped away when I left him behind to carry some of the wood closer to the house to make it easier for me.”

!Owoses said her son had vanished when she returned to pick him up a few minutes after dropping a bundle of wood closer to the home.

“I searched for him in the veld, but when I could not trace him, I alerted neighbours and police and asked them to help search for my son,” !Owoses added.

Source : The Namibian