Police Find Two ‘Lost’ Children

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy, Dibasen, and a yet-to-be-identified girl (age estimated to be between two and three) spent Christmas and New Year’s day in a children’s shelter after they were found abandoned in Windhoek streets.

Dibasen was found by police officers in Wanaheda in November and was taken to the police station in the area.

He said his mother is called Edna and hails from Seeis, while his father, a resident of Omitara, is called !Notagob.

Dibasen told police officers and social workers that he came to Windhoek with his parents to visit relatives.

Although police have driven around the town with him to help jog up his memory and identify the area where they were visiting, the boy has not been able to remember.

According to a police officer, Dibasen has picked up weight since he was taken into the shelter and is generally a happy child despite initially having cried over his missing parents.

“He gets spoilt, because he is the youngest inmate at the shelter,” a police officer, who asked not to be named, said.

Dibasen says he has a younger brother, Hototo, and an older sister, Nasas.

The little girl was placed in another shelter after City Police officers found her in the Greenwell Matongo area shortly before Christmas.

“She doesn’t know her name. She also doesn’t want to talk. She just asks for water. Her situation is more difficult,” the police officer said.

The girl appears to be very traumatised by not being with her parents because during the visit by The Namibian to the Women and Child Protection Unit yesterday, she cried most of the time.

Senior social worker at the unit, Charlene Uakuramenua, appealed to members of the public to help trace the children’s parents.

Anyone who claims to be the parents of the children will be requested to provide a birth certificate and preferably a photograph.

Uakuramenua can be reached at 061 – 22 64 95 or 081 601 0587.

Source : The Namibian