Police Inspector Falls From Grace

Police Inspector Ewald Kavara used to be a unit commander at Rundu police station before he was demoted for what he insists are trumped up charges of stealing a R5 rifle.

Before his fall from grace Kavara was a respected member of society, and was highly regarded and admired by colleagues.

But his world apparently came crashing down when he faced four charges, namely the theft of a R5 rifle, alternatively failing to obey a lawful order issued by the Rundu police station commander to submit the said rifle for physical inspection, possession of a R5 rifle without having a licence to possess such a firearm, unlawful possession of 96 rounds of ammunition and failing to obey a lawful order to submit a gun for physical inspection.

According to him he was not guilty of all the charges against him and the court also ruled in his favour but despite this the community does not trust him anymore. “This has affected me immensely,” said a dejected-looking Kavara.

Kavara, his brother’s son and a fellow officer were accused together but were found not guilty by Magistrate William Kasitomo in the Rundu Regional Court on May 06 2014.

Even though he was found not guilty of all the charges his name was tarnished. He says people now don’t rely on him the way they used to. The case has stained his career as well and the community still does not know or accept that he was fully exonerated.

“I didn’t do any of the things that I was charged with. I was innocent from the beginning. Some people within the force wanted to take me down and I don’t understand why one would do that. I mean I have a family to look after,” complained the police inspector.

He added that people now avoid him like the plague because in their eyes he is guilty.

Kavara has been an officer of the Namibian Police for 24 years and was appointed as an inspector in 2010. He was a CID Unit commander in Rundu since 2007 until his demotion this year.

Source : New Era