Police Name Onambeke Crash Victims

THE driver of the taxi which was involved in a fatal head-on collision with a truck about 30 km east of Ondangwa on Friday was test driving the car with the view of buying it, community members told The Namibian on Saturday when police released names of the seven people who also died.

The accident occurred at Onambeke Village along the Ondangwa-Oshivelo.

Hosea Awala (40) from Onankali Village in Oshikoto Region died together with Sakeus Nekwa Petrus (21) from Onashikuvu Village Albertina Naufiku Noonga (41) from Ombudiya Village Lydia Nelulu (31), and her three-year-old son Immanuel Panduleni Petrus from Onampengu Village as well as Saima Shikongo (28) from OshanaOkatope Village. The seventh victim is Hilia Ndinelago Matheus (38) from Eheke Village – all from Oshana Region.

Oshikoto Region police deputy commissioner William Peter said although the other two victims had been identified, their next of kin are yet to be located. He appealed to families who are missing relatives to contact the Okatope Police and the Oshakati Police mortuary. The Namibian visited two of the families who lost relatives in the accident on Saturday.

At Awala’s village at Onakali, one of the senior men, Immanuel Thomas, told The Namibian that the deceased was a hard-working man known by many people in the area.

“We lost our helper who was ready to assist us, and his family at any time,” Thomas said, while wiping tears from his eyes.

One of the villagers told The Namibian that Awala wanted to buy the vehicle on Friday, and the accident happened while he was test driving the car.

The villager, who did not want to be named said Awala had gone to withdraw money at Ondangwa to pay for the car, which was being sold by a businesswoman from Onyati in Oshikoto Region.

At Nelulu’s village – her nephew Levi Mpingana and her aunt Hilma Simon – described the deceased as a hard-working person who contributed to the family’s welfare.

Nelulu’s husband Petrus Fillemon, who works at a rest camp in the Etosha Pan, had gone to get more information from the police.

Simon bemoaned traffic accidents, saying they were robbing Namibia of valuable citizens, “This is a broken family. Her husband might leave his job to come and take care of their children, the homestead, the animals and the mahangu field. This is really an unbearable loss. Only God can fill this gap.”

Simon said Nelulu was a businesswoman who ran a cucashop at the village, and that she died while coming from Ondangwa where she had gone to buy some groceries for resale.

“She was helping a lot, especially the elderly. We are going to miss her in the community and in the family,” the aunt said.

According to Nelulu’s older sister, Josephina Nanyanga, the deceased had two children, Hilma and the boy who also died in the accident.

“Her death has put a big responsibility on my shoulders. I now have to see to it that her daughter Hilma is brought up the way she was bringing her up. We now must, like she was doing, assist her husband to bring up Hilma and other children who are staying with them in the village. Death always brings divisions among families and relatives, but hopefully this will not be the case. We will pray that the unity continues even without her,” Nanyanga said.

Source : The Namibian