Police Officers Fight On Duty

TWO Windhoek-based police officers who fought on duty on Tuesday and then opened cases against each other, have been described as a disappointment and a disgrace to the force.

The officers are attached to the Accident Unit.

Confirming the incident yesterday, Police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga told The Namibian that Inspector Ratjindua Tjivikua and Constable Nduuvu Mundjego breached the police code of conduct and their case will be referred to the Police Internal Investigation Directorate.

“They misbehaved in the first degree. Their behaviour is unacceptable. The law will definitely take its course. This is very serious, especially now that we are fighting gender-based violence. We don’t want officers, who should protect women, to be fighting them. It is very disappointing but we will deal with both officers,” Ndeitunga said.

According to sources, Tjivikua allegedly kicked Mundjego and hit her with fists after she had thrown coffee at him and also hit him with the mug. The cause of the fight is not clear.

Police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi said after the internal investigation, the matter will be referred to the prosecutor general’s office for a decision.

“We have asked the IID to complete this investigation promptly for the PG to make a decision soonest. Although both officers are still on duty,

investigations [into their conduct] are underway,” Kanguatjivi said.

Approached for comment, Tjivikua said: “All that I am prepared to say now is that I am the commander of that unit. I was executing my duties. If you want to hear anything, call our public relations officer.”

Mundjego, who said she was coming from the doctor, complained of a headache when asked to comment on their fight.

“I am on my way to give a statement and an order for the arrest of Tjivikua because he kicked me in the head. I now have a terrible headache,” she said.

Tjivikua was in the news in February 2011 after his brother, the police deputy Inspector General James Tjivikua allegedly presided over a promotions committee which confirmed Ratjindua’s elevation to inspector.

The deputy Inspector General was later removed from the committee he used to chair.

Source : The Namibian