Police Raid Cuban Doctors’ Flats, Find Medicines

POLICE raided Cuban doctors’ flats in Windhoek on Friday and discovered medical supplies including syringes, needles and bandages.

The raid, according to some maintenance workers at the central hospital, was carried after a tip-off about the doctors treating people, most of them Angolans, at their quarters using medical supplies allegedly stolen from Government hospitals.

When the police descended on the doctors with the media in tow, they found one of them removing a plaster from an Angolan man.

Police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi confirmed the investigations, which he said were initiated after a request from the ministry. He, however, said police would not divulge any further information at this stage. Kanguatjivi also said by yesterday afternoon no one had been arrested, although he said the police had taken away the medical equipment for investigations.

Police Deputy Commissioner Sylvanus Nghishidimbwa told the media that investigations were at a preliminary stage, and that a press briefing would be held at an appropriate time.

Health permanent secretary Andrew Ndishishi said he was not aware of the alleged private practice by the doctors or the theft of medical supplies.

“I don’t think that can happen. I will go there now and find out what is going on. I did not hear anything. I will also call Dr (Sarah) Shalongo (the medical superintendent for Windhoek Central Hospital),” he said.

Although Ndishishi promised to give feed back to The Namibian, his phone went unanswered and when he picked up on Saturday, he said he was attending a meeting.

Shalongo asked why she was being called on a weekend and when informed that the PS had indicated that he would contact her for information, she said he had not done so and referred The Namibian back to the PS.

“Why do you contact me on a Sunday? Find out from the PS. He did not communicate with me,” she said

Namibian Nurses Union secretary general Abner Shopati confirmed knowledge of the theft allegations from the hospitals, saying the allegations were brought to his attention last year, but he could not take any steps because information about the culprits was very sketchy.

“There were rumours that they (doctors) were working with pharmacy people but no one was forthcoming with information as to who was involved,” he said.

Shopati expressed disappointment that no arrest had been made yet, adding that anyone engaging in a criminal activity should be exposed and deported immediately.

The maintenance workers and some nurses told The Namibian during the raid that the authorities had been tipped off about the goings on at the doctors’ quarters a long time ago but ignored it.

Source : The Namibian