Police Recover N$100 000 of Stolen N$1,8 Million

The Oshana police have recovered N$100 000 in cash out of N$1,8 million stolen from a businessman last month.

Oshana police commander, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa, said police, after a tip-off from a member of the public, recovered the money in the pillow of a 22-year-old man from Iino village near Elim in the region on Friday. The man was arrested. Kashihakumwa said the man told the police that his relative, Johannes Uugwanga (Shindjami), from the same village, gave him the money for safekeeping on 28 July.

Kashihakumwa said three of the four suspects have been arrested, and N$4 000 of the stolen money was allegedly recovered from the three. Police also confiscated four vehicles, furniture and building material suspected to have been bought with part of the stolen money.

The police are still looking for Uugwanga who allegedly gave the 22-year-old money for safekeeping.

Kashihakumwa said they have asked Uugwanga to hand himself over to the police as soon as possible, but he was yet to do so by yesterday.

“I am sure we will get him soon and bring him before court ,” Commissioner Kashihakumwa said.

Source : The Namibian