Police Search for Farmer’s Missing Head

THE Dordabis police are looking for the missing head of a 60-year-old farmer who disappeared from his home on 30 June.

Abraham Jacobus Beukes’ body was found by family members on Saturday – five days after his disappearance – at a farm called Kalkpan about 45 km from Rehoboth.

Inspector Stephan Nuuyi said the body was wrapped in a blanket and that when the police arrived at the scene, the head was cut but still attached the body.

From the fresh blood on the scene, the police said they believed Beukes was killed on the day he was found.

Nuuyi also said the police left the body with the family members to look after the body while they went to Rehoboth for help.

“When they returned to the scene, they discovered that Beukes’ head was missing. Up to now, we don’t know where his head is,” Nuuyi said. “When we asked them where the body was, they said they didn’t know because they left the body unattended for a while.”

The police said since Beukes went missing last week Monday the family didn’t report him missing.

Beukes’ family refused to comment on his disappearance, his death and the missing head.

“Who gave you this number? Go ask that person who gave you the number to tell you the whole story and don’t call this number again,” an angry man, who declined to give his name, said yesterday.

Beukes was a co-owner of the Kalkpan farm and someone has been arrested in connection with his death. Police investigations continue.

Source : The Namibian