Police to Destroy Hishongwa’s Shacks

City Police are seeking a court order to demolish shacks and a shebeen reportedly owned by Hadino Hishongwa, the Namibian High Commissioner to Botswana, City Police Chief Abraham Kanime confirmed yesterday.

Kanime said the police wanted to pull down the shacks that were built on unserviced land in the Goreangab area last month when they took down Lukas Junias’ shack, but could not do so when they found that they were occupied.

There are three structures comprising of a bar, an incomplete shop and a five-roomed shack.

“We are in the process of getting a court order to demolish those shacks belonging to Hadino Hishongwa. We were there and took pictures, and we want to present our case to the courts. When we were demolishing illegal shacks last month, that one was on the list, but we found beds and blankets inside. That is why we are seeking a court order to pull them down,” Kanime said.

In a telephonic interview yesterday, Hishongwa denied owning the structures in question.

“First of all, I don’t talk to someone if I don’t see them, but those things don’t belong to me. Ask the municipality. They belong to them, not to me,” Hishongwa said.

Kanime, however, insisted that they had enough evidence to prove that Hishongwa owned the structures.

When The Namibian visited the shacks yesterday, a woman who works as a bar lady said no one stays in the rooms although there were beds and beddings.

“There are beds inside but no one lives there yet. Maybe, the owner is looking for people,” she said after confirming that the owner was, indeed, Hishongwa.

Sources in the area also said the other shacks were not for use by the owner of the shebeen, but for customers who are too drunk to go home or those who wanted to use them for miscellaneous purposes.

“You pay a certain amount – anything from N$200 per night. That is if you are tired or want to entertain a woman,” the source told The Namibian.

Hishongwa dismissed these allegations and brushed them off as being sensational.

Source : The Namibian