Political activity like any other human activity not possible in absence of food and water: Minister

WINDHOEK: Political activity, like any other human activity, is not possible in the absence of food and water, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry John Mutorwa says.

He said this in a statement read on his behalf during the opening of the one-day Southern African Development Community (SADC) Future Challenges Forum on Food, Water and Energy Security in the capital yesterday.

The forum is aimed at discussing current and future challenges with regards to food, water and energy security in Namibia and the rest of the SADC region.

He said the relationship between water, food and energy challenges in Namibia and SADC could at best be described as symbiotic or interdependent, adding that one cannot do without the other.

The minister said the current problem of distributing available water to where it is mostly needed will be exacerbated and complicated, adding that developed water resources will be fully utilized and exhausted as new, more expensive water sources such as desalination plants, new dams, long pipelines and water from international watercourses will unavoidably have to be developed.