Politician ‘Celebrates’ Chief’s Death

Otjinene Nudo constituency councillor, Adolfus Kangootui, said the death of the San Community Chief Sofia Jacobs who died last week, is a “blessing” as her absence will reduce the votes cast for Swapo with one vote.

“When the Swapo Omaheke Regional Coordinator, Kejamuina Mungendje called me last week to inform me about the death of Sofia, I said thank you, but to me it was a good thing since it was one Swapo member down,” said the controversial politician.

Kangootui made the remarks on Sunday during the annual commemoration of the extermination order against the OvaHerero and Ovambanderu communities issued by the commander of the German imperial forces, General Lothar von Trotha in 1904.

When contacted for clarity yesterday, Kangootui said he still stood by his words and said he does not understand why a Swapo Regional Coordinator should be the one to inform him about the death of a chief.

“I am sure there are many other options rather than using political structures to inform other political parties about a traditional leader’s death,” said an unrepetent Kangootui.

However, National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) president, Asser Mbai gly condemned Kangootui’s statement saying the statement was irresponsible and the party is going to take “disciplinary action.”

“Such statements will not be allowed and I can assure you today that the Nudo party is going to take action,” he told New Era.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Swapo Party secretary general, Nangolo Mbumba refused to be drawn into the controversy.

He was firm saying the statement has nothing do to with the ruling Swapo party.

“If he said that go and ask him, I can’t comment on such irresponsible statement,” said Mbumba. Last year Kangootui was arrested and detained briefly at Otjinene police station after he hurled a rock to a glass door for a newly built structure and heritage centre.

At the time it was reported it was not the first time that concern was raised over Kangootui’s “unacceptable behaviour.”

Last week New Era also quoted Okakarara Constituency Councillor for Nudo, Vetaruhe Kandorozu as saying, “Don’t let anyone from any other political party come and run organisations in this constituency, not even school principals from other political parties should be allowed to operate in this constituency.” He made the remarks while addressing a political rally in Okatjoruu.

He said key positions such as those of school principals, the CEO of the town council and many other strategic positions should only be reserved for Nudo supporters.

“If they come here, we must work out ways to drive them out of the system, they will obviously run to my office to report. But I will just sweep their complaints under the table,” he said.

Ozombuzovindimba is 20 kilometres North East of Otjinene in Omaheke Region.

Source : New Era