Polling teams still in the field in Kunene

OPUWO; Not all polling officials in the Kunene Region have submitted their voting results to their respective constituency verification centres after voting ended on Friday.

By 10h00 Saturday morning, the Opuwo Rural and Epupa constituencies were still expecting three mobile teams to return from the field for their results to be processed.

Two mobile teams in the Sesfontein Constituency as well as Khorixas and Kanmanjab were also expected back from the field this morning.

Namibians voted in presidential and National Assembly elections on Friday. Voting was delayed at some places due to faulty electronic voting machines and other problems.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) coordinator for the Kunene Region, Ismael Ouseb told Nampa Saturday morning that some mobile polling stations were inundated with voters from towns who flocked there, which resulted in mobile polling stations falling behind with their schedules due to long queues.

The Kunene Region had 50 105 voters who registered as voters.

A total of 141 polling teams were deployed in the region’s seven constituencies.