Poor party representation at LUderitz elections

LUDERITZ: The party agents of only two parties were present at the elections of seagoing personnel at LUderitz on Friday.

Erkki Andreas of the Swapo-Party and Alejandro van den Heever of the DTA of Namibia were the only two representatives of their parties. They arrived at 06h00 to inspect the processes and election tools and remained throughout the course of the day.

None of the other 14 registered political parties taking part in the elections managed to show up.

Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) returning officer for the !Nami#NUs Constituency, Fritz Spiegel said as an independent agency, they can offer no explanation as to the absence of the party agents.

Swapo’s Andreas commented: “I think there is something wrong in the opposition; maybe people are joining other parties, that’s maybe why they are not here to represent their parties.”

As for his party, he said Swapo was always prepared.

“It is our tradition to be organised at all times,” he said.

Asked about the prospects of the Swapo-Party in the current elections, Andreas said:

“This year’s election will be like none anyone has ever seen; we’ve done our homework like never before and Swapo’s success is certain,” he said.

DTA representative Alejandro van den Heever said his party under the leadership of McHenry Venaani was filled with a renewed focus and vigour and that they were committed to bring change to the country.

As for the prospects of his party at Friday’s elections, Van den Heever had this to say:

“LUderitz is a tough town to crack and people still vote on tradition, but so far, so good.”

The results of the election set specifically for seafarers will be available after the close of the polling stations at 21h00 tonight.