Popya With Brewen Elvo Diergaardt

Born in Rehoboth and bred in Windhoek, Brewen Diergaardt, also known as Elvo, is a multiple-award winning music producer and one of Namibia’s longest serving music producers.

His musical journey started in 1993 when he was in a Hip-Hop rap group called Noble Lashes, and two years later they received an award in Best Vocal Group category. In 1997 the group performed at various shows and later left for France to compete against other countries from Europe and Africa. After completing high school in 1999 at David Bezuidenhoudt, Elvo started off as a music producer the following year and at the same time did a Music Theory course at the College of the Arts.

“The one thing that has pushed me this far is my passion for sound. I have so much respect for this trade. My mother has also been my biggest inspiration because she raised me as a single parent, she kept me going thus far and she has been my pillar,” says Elvo. Elvo has mentored quite a few producers in the industry such as Glo, Kanibal, Araffath, K-Boz, M-jay, Morgan, The late Pederito, The late Eclipse and Flame.He also worked and produced for artists like the great and the late Tate Kwela, Ras Sheehama, Sunny Boy, D-Naff, Buti amp Janice, The Dogg , Gazza, Tequila, Ees, Qonja, Exit, Jericho, Black sheep, Nakale and PDK.

Internationally he worked with the likes of Bricks (S.A) Brown Dash (S.A) Cabo Snoop (Angola) Bojo Mujo (S.A) Naija Boy (Nigeria) and Speedy (S.A). He also worked with cooperate companies like Trusco, Win Win, MTC, Namibian Breweries, Sugar King, MVA fund, FNB, Coca-Cola, Special Olympics etc. “I learned quite a lot working with various artists with different personalities. I mastered with patients. It was also hard then because the industry was growing, the music and the style of production. So I had to keep changing my style to adapt to the industry,” he says.

Elvo has won four times Best Producer of the Year category in the SanlamNBC Music Makers and an award for best record label. Before he became a full time producer, he worked as a Technician at Multichoice Namibia and Sony. He also worked under production companies like Butterfly Ent., Omalaeti, Deal Done Records alongside MJ and Pakamish Production.

“Don’t be afraid to try, hesitation is a sign of little faith. Always believe in yourself, in your product because that’s what will take you far in this industry. My ultimate quote has been ‘the sky is the limit,” he says.

Elvo is currently in partnership in a media company called Trio Media, a media production that provides services such as music production, video production, events, aertising, web design and also a school of Music, where he also shares what he has learned over the years with young producers.

Source : New Era