Popya With Cellestinus Muronga

Cellestinus Muronga is a young innovative man, who is business minded and dreams about helping others when he one day gets to the top.

Well known as Celle, the 27-years-old was born in Rundu and matriculated at the Senior Secondary School in Rundu after which he came to Windhoek to further his studies graduating from the Institute of Information Technology. Hence him being a graphic and web designer today, at his age a brand owner of Rutown Clothing Brand. “This was all for the love of our lovely town and making people to be proud of their home town and of course this is what I love to do” says Muronga.

Muronga looks up to his father, Mark Ecko, and Russell Simmons,the USA-based designer of Baby Phat, who are source energy and his motivation making him who he is today. He is further inspired by risks, and when he starts something he has no idea how to finish but witnessing people going for something new, anything that has potential for failure(but not total disaster but still pushing on inspires him. “I wanted to be a web designer because of the two good men that inspired me, they are the best web developer I have ever known in my life, Xzavier Kwali and Marius Van Wyk” adds Muronga.

Muronga has worked for IIT College, where he started working before graduating. He also invested his time working for AD Dynamics Division Plasma. Self motivated and optimistic, he encourage friends to be equally optimistic. His strength also comes from having a good team to work with, adaptable to any circumstance. When facing challenges he simply doesn’t give up because he believes in this life you live and learn, he handles his problems with care and never fails because there is always Plan B.

Muronga is currently managing the Rutown Clothing and is Assistance Manager at Basement Records Besides working with youth in the fashion world hosting fashion shows yearly like the “Miss Rutown” fashion which they hosted recently. Muronga’s aim and vision is to conquer most of African country retailers stores like AmA kip kip, and their brand has already reached UK, Cardiff City with a promising bright future.

“You have a lot of life lessons to experience. Even perceived failures will lead you to the success you want, never give up” encourages Muronga. “Even if it seems helpless don’t rush in to be a grown up. Take your time, find yourself and work towards your dream. The sky is the limit.”

Source : New Era