Popya With Delina Hanes

Delina Hanes hails from the largest town in the Oshikoto region, Tsumeb where she was born, and raised and completed her secondary education at the Etosha Secondary sSchool.

As a teenager, Delina was fascinated by studying law. However, she could not further her studies immediately after high school because she did not qualify to study for law, and due to financial constraints. Thus she took a gap year that enabled her to decide and carefully choose her field of study.The next year she moved to Windhoek and enrolled for a Bachelors’ Degree in Journalism and Communication Technology with the Polytechnic of Namibia. “In the beginning, it was not easy but with the help from lecturers, I started loving and enjoying my course. My grades improved tremendously,” says Delina.

Before completing the degree course, she had to do experiential learning as part of the course at the Namibia Airports Company in the Corporate Communications Unit. She was mentored and supervised by Mia Davids, who helped her work hard towards achieving her goals. “Mia was my role model because of the passion and dedication she put into her work,” says Delina.

In her final year Delina was adjudged the best Public Relations and Corporate Communication student, which encouraged her to complete the Honors programme. Earlier this year, she was awarded the best fourth year and best honours research student.

“To the youth out there in terms of career objectives, choose your field of study wisely, don’t only think about the income but rather do something that you will forever love and have the passion for,” she aises.

Delina thinks that graduating is not a key to employment because the market does not really cater for graduates that come straight from university. “I say this because if you, for example look at the aerts in the newspaper, they ask for experience and thus we as graduates do not qualify for positions as we have little experience. It seems impossible to find a job, and as if all the hard work was in vain. The good thing is, I am not giving up and I keep applying for every vacancy that I see may be in line with what I have studied for and love to do,” she says.

“To the youth who are trying to do something for themselves out there, I know it may not be easy finding a job in the market and that it may seem like your dreams and efforts have been shattered but keep on trying and make the most of every opportunity. You are where you are because God wants you to be there. Thank Him in all circumstances. These are just preparations for something good to come. God sees efforts and rewards,” Delina motivates.

Because praying and motivation from family and friends, is what keep her going. “I wake up every morning, pray and tell myself it’s going to be a better day. I would say God is my Helper. Regardless of circumstances and difficulties I may face, I always know that God will provide something better and everything works according to His plans. Apart from the Almighty, I have a family and friends who are always supportive and caring, especially my mother.”

“I learnt to be patient in life. There is a saying ‘What comes easy won’t last, what last won’t come easy’. So be patient, God is still busy working out His plans with you. The right thing will come at the right time,” she encourages.

Delina plans building her career and empowering herself. She also hopes to find a permanent job in her field of study and build on experience and later go back to school and do her masters. Currently she is temporary staff member at the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN).

Source : New Era