Popya With Emma Emcy Areses 57 Seconds Ago

Proudly from the indigenous San group, Emma Emcy Areses completed her high school at Outjo Secondary School in the Kunene region in 2003, and then moved to Windhoek to find a job.

Born in Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa region, Emma is the oldest of three siblings. Emma’s first job was at Ecclesia 91.3FM as a News Anchor and then she became a radio announcer and an Administrative assistantSupervisor at the station. “That radio station gave me a platform to show what I was capable of achieving as a radio presenter with the willingness to learn and passion for media,” says Emma.

While working at Ecclesia, Emma later obtained a certificate in psychosocial support for orphans and vulnerable children through the Philippi Trust Namibia (PTN), a Christian Training and Counselling Organisation. “Working closely with PTN with my experience of day to day personal counselling with different individuals, I later started counselling radio listeners. I have g ability to listen to people and I give aice through placing myself in people’s situations which I think made me a good counsellor,” she says.

After five years of working at Ecclesia, she resigned and joined Energy 100FM as a News Anchor but apart from reading news, she also anchored the Urban Drive show. Her hard work, positive contribution and commitment got noticed by the Energy 100FM management, and she was promoted as the Corporate Communications Officer for the radio station.

Without settling, Emma yet again decided to resign at EnergyFM after working for close to two years, to pursue further studies. “This is something I always wanted to do but was unable to due to limited resources but despite the odds I was always hopeful that I would further my studies one day. After my diploma I plan on obtaining my degree and Masters,” says Emma.

Besides the hardships in life, she has kept her head high and her eyes fixed on where she is going, detaching herself from circumstances and people that try to discourage her. “I’m inspired by God, how His love always pursues me despite my flaws. My late dad taught me how to love and give selflessly without expecting anything in return. I have been looking up to people like Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab and Sakaria Nghikembua for their impeccable leadership and humble nature. Mrs Joan Guriras is another inspiration of mine for her warmth and charisma, for years I’ve sat by them and learned a lot from them,” Emma says.

Emma is also one out three Ambassadors for the Special Olympics Namibia. “Working with people with intellectual disabilities has completely changed my life. It has developed within me a deeper love for mankind and to always help where I can. I’m equally passionate about San people because being of San descent I always strive to break through from the barriers that limit my people.”

“The greatest joy of working with intellectually disabled people, and with San people, is seeing people’s lives filled with hope and witnessing how their lives change for the better and knowing that I’m contributing my bit is priceless,” she says.

Emma encourages the youth to find a passion, have a clear vision in life and act on it. “Not all things sail smooth in life but push despite the odds to come out victorious. You will make mistakes along the way in life because no one is perfect but learn to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and to try again and again until you get it right. Through hard work, determination and perseverance you too can and will make it. Remember that life is what you make of it.” she concludes.

Emma is currently a first year student at Triumphant College studying Media and Journalism and was elected as a class representative. Her ultimate dream job is to work as a News Anchor at CNN and to continue doing community work.

Source : New Era