Popya With Foreversun Haiduwah [column]

I want to help people attain their goals. I want to be part of everyone’s success, a helping hand especially for young people. I’ve came across many people busy doing things they don’t like, and that impacts society. I want to change that. I want to redirect people in the right direction in terms of their purpose.”

Foreversun Haiduwah is young motivational speaker and Life coach who believes that he is only successful if he helps someone become successful. Born in Angola and growing up in Oniipa, Haiduwah is one out of many youths who puts others needs above his own. He attended different schools namely, Oniipa Junior Primary School, St. Barnabas Primary School, Marti Ahtisaari Primary School, Hans Daniel Senior Secondary School and A. Shipena Secondary School. “I was very naughty and my parents couldn’t control me, it was a twist, I had to move a lot and my parent’s separation contributed to the change of schools. Life at school was a life with no direction. I didn’t understand why I had to go to school but I had a desire to go to school,” he says.

As a result of identity crises, wanting to be accepted and recognised during his time at school, Haiduwah, along with few friends formed a crime gang called FBI, which aimed on committing crimes and negative things. Due to lack of attention at school, Foreversun had to face the consequences of failing his Grade 12 with 22 points. A year later, he decided to enrol with the Namibian College of Open Learning (Namcol) to improve his results. While at Namcol, Haiduwah started looking for ways to earn an income. He started selling cooldrink and doing barbershop work.

In 2004 things started making a change in his life. He got a mentor who guided him out of gang life. “My mentor told me life cannot continue the way my situation was. He told me that what I desire to become is determined by my actions and that I realise the need to change and move away from that bad life,” he reminisces. Now inspired , Haiduwah started looking for a job. He got a job as a packager at various shops such as Checkers, Pick n Pay, Woermann Brock and Sports Scene. He also worked at Deloitte as a messenger. He would take home about N$60 to N$1000 a month from the various jobs he did.

Despite his low earnings, Foreversun always had a vision for his life. “Money was not an issue for me. We all start somewhere and I wanted to fulfil my purpose in life,” he says adding that inhuman treatment at one of his jobs due to race was one of the challenges he had to face. “Getting paid less because of my race was a challenge. It didn’t matter whether I was ahead of the other person or teaching them, they still got paid more than me.” Haiduwah later went to further his studies at the Polytechnic of Namibian where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication.

He describes himself as a very caring, compassionate and sensitive person who likes to be helping hand others. He loves listening to local music by KK, Lil D, Qondja, D-naff, Mushe, The Dogg and Gazza. Haiduwah has an organisation called Foreversun Motivations, which mentors people in finding their resolution as well as inspiring school goers on different topics. “Mentoring people, especially young people, keep me going. I believe I was created for a purpose like any other person and I don’t take opportunities for granted. Life has taught me to be tough, smart and intelligent. It has taught me to be a person of integrity, to love and living a legacy.”

He aises young people to never allow anyone to undermine their potential. “No one should categorise you and say how much you are worth. Discover, develop and maximise your potential. I’m ready to help and assist any young person who would like to venture into business. There are so many opportunities out there.”

Haiduwah says his business partners, Peace Simbata and Gabriel Malakia are part of his inspiration as well as his wife. He believes that the keys to success include having a good plan, being disciplined, never giving up and not giving excuses. Last week the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)’s TV screened a documentary by Haiduwah aimed at inspiring and motivating the Namibian nation to rise above mediocrity and to maximise its potential as well as motivate the youth to rise above challenges they face on a daily basis such as the use and misuse of alcohol, drugs and substance abuse

Source : New Era