Popya With Hiskiel Nopsa Amutenya 10 Hours Ago [opinion]

Hiskiel Nopsa Amutenya is a 21 year-old young entrepreneur with big dreams. Nopsa was born in the Esheshete village in Oshikoto region in the Northern part of the country and was raised by her mother and grandmother.

He went to Esheshete Combined School from Grade One to Grade Seven because it was the only nearest school at the time but because his parents and teachers thought he was too smart, they encouraged him to continue his high school at the Onguti Senior Secondary School, a school in a village called Okankolo in the Oshikoto region, where he completed his Grade 12.Nopsa enjoyed sports in high school and was once chosen as captain of his school’s volleyball team.

“My mother and grandmother are the ones that groomed me to be a man that I am today and I must also say that my high school shaped me to be a person that think out of the box, to find solutions to problems that I face in life, and this has helped me a lot in my high school career,” says Nopsa. In 2012 he was selected as one of the successful students to enrol for tertiary qualifications at The Polytechnic of Namibia, which has newly been transformed into Namibia’s University of Science and Technology, where he is currently a third year student, studying for a bachelors degree (BA) in Human Resources. “It has always been my dream to study a Business Management related course as I always dreamed of becoming one of the successful entrepreneurs in life. My ultimate wish is to graduate and enrol for a Master’s Degree in Marketing, because this is my passion and I’ll make sure I fulfil it,” he determines.

When Nopsa came to Windhoek he met his cousin, Michael Amushelelo, who presented a business plan to him. He was impressed and decided to take a first step in the business industry. “Business has always been running in my mind since I was a small kid. I just wanted a plan on how to run a business and someone to run it with. When I was in the north, the only important business that was there are bars and supermarkets but my business idea was so different. I wanted to do something unique and totally different from the rest. So I told myself this is an opportunity and I wanted to be part of this future million dollar movement,” Nopsa says.

Nopsa started work with Amushe Incorporated along with his cousin, where he started as a salesman. Today he is the Marketing and Sales Manager, and its Vice Chairperson.

“I grew up in the village where successful people are so few, simply because most youth drop out of school and they end up in cuca shops and involving themselves with alcohol and drug abuse. My ultimate wish in life is to succeed, while I am still young so that I can set an example for the young ones that are still going to school. I need them to have someone that they look up to from their village. I want to keep on hustling so hard till when I don’t have to introduce myself at all. I want to let the world know that there is a ‘dreamer’ called Nopsa in Namibia from a village called Esheshete in the Oshikoto region, because it upsets me so much that when someone asks me, where I come from and when I tell them they go like: is that a place in Namibia?”, he says.

Nopsa has founded the Esheshete Youth Foundation to help young people realise that one can only attain success through hard work and education.

“I am more interested in seeing more young Namibians making it, either in the Namibian market or internationally. I will be a happy man when I see the person that we suffered together in school or at the village making waves in the industry. I live by the motto that everyone at Amushe Inc. lives by and that is ‘Dream big or go home, do anything or do nothing at all’, this is what keeps me going every day when I woke up, it gives me courage and motivates me to work harder each and every day,” Nopsa concludes.

Source : New Era